dApp Weekly Updates 📰🚀 #5: June 2

Big week for TRON

Hey Everyone,

This is the fifth issue of the Token Valley dApp newsletter aiming to give updates on the latest news on decentralized applications (dApps) across various platforms (EOS, Ethereum, Tron, etc.). Let’s get right to it:

📺 dApp News

  • Japanese regulators tighten online gambling regulations, leading TRON to warn Japanese dApp developers (Link)

  • ArcBlock CEO Robert Mao talks about Building Blockchain 3.0, Dapps, Ethereum and EOS (Link)

  • TRON is the fastest-growing blockchain, adding 31.4% of all new dapps this week, of which 51% were in the Gaming & Casino categories (Link)

  • HoloChain wins Disruptor of the Year at Malta Blockchain Awards (Link)

  • Consensys launched a DApp Developer Job Kit to help new blockchain developers enter the market (Link)

💰 Market Review

This week, TRON leads the platform-pack with explosive growth,with EOS following slightly behind. ETH has had a slower week, largely following BTC’s movement. Considering the fast growth of the smaller TRON & EOS combined with the slowdown with the more mature ETH & BTC pair, it may be reasonable to expect a dip this week due to an overshoot by the former pair.

🤹 Tweets of the Week

HB Ethereum Wallet @HBWallet_Ether
An interesting view of how Dapps revolutionize the entire games industry:
bit.ly/2wkYFKT . Follow us on Twitter: https://t.co/A6ffLdDh7U Facebook: facebook.com/HBWalletETH Instagram: instagram.com/hb_wallet #Ethereum #HBWallet #Dapps #Games #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain

Token Valley’s dApp Pick of the Week

Instead of selecting a dApp this week, we decided to feature the TOMOCHAIN, which caught our attention due to being responsible for 2% of new dApps this week. It uses the TOMO token, whose market cap currently rests at 34m USD. This is small potatoes compared even to TRON at 2,509m. Still, this might be worth watching.

TOMOCHAIN “relies on a system of 150 Masternodes with Proof of Stake Voting (PoSV) consensus that can support near-zero fees and 2-second transaction confirmation times.

We don’t yet have any TOMO dApps listed, but if you are involved with any we welcme you to submit them for review!

👨‍💻 Token Valley Posts

We published a Medium article about the phenomenon of Vote Buying on EOS.

🏦 Token Valley News

Our sponsorship options remain in Beta. Free Listings are open to any dApp on request through our dApp Submission Form, while more substantial reports can be generated through our Complete Listing ($99) and dApp Pack ($249) options.

There’s also a charity campaign we’d like to spread. Kieran, a friend and blockchain entrepreneur, met tragedy last month and ended up paralyzed in a Thai hospital without insurance. His Fundraiser on GoFundMe has already brought in over $21,000 to bring him home to Canada, and we have assisted his family in receiving an additional 10k+ in crypto donations. Please read his story!

🤖🤣 On the lighter side..

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