dApp Updates 📰🚀 #38: May 25th

Reddit Embraces ETH. STEEM Fork Crisis

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Dapp of the week: opyn

Manage your DeFi Risks: Trustlessly insure your DeFi deposits and hedge ETH risk.

Covers technical and financial risks: Comprehensive cover against smart contract hacks, bank runs, administrative key compromise, and more.

Immediate claim payouts: If there is an issue with your DeFi deposits, you can make a claim at any time to receive immediate payout.

Trustless claim and risk assessment: No trusted or manipulatable intermediaries are required in determining insurance risk or assessing claims.

Noncustodial: All of your funds are stored in your wallet, so only you can access your funds - not us or anyone else.

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STEEMHYPE #5 | Share MEMEs Promoting the Steem Blockchain ...

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