dApp Weekly Updates #2: May 7th

The war between incumbents and dApps is getting started (Read Apple vs TrustWallet)

Hey Everyone,

This is the second issue of the Token Valley dApp newsletter aiming to give updates on the latest news on decentralized applications (dApps) across various platforms (EOS, Ethereum, Tron, etc.). Let’s get right into it:

🤹 dApp News

  • Rising threats to Ethereum’s first mover advantage (Source)

  • Tron DApps beat Ethereum and EOS after registering 68% growth in 8 weeks (Source)

  • Old but really good article from Fluence Labs about the dApp market: “This research started as an attempt to contact the DApp developer community to dig into what’s been going on” (Source)

  • April's top 10 ERC-20 dapps by Dev activity (Source)

  • The 24h trading volume on #TRON reached 505,000, up by nearly 33% from last week (Source)

  • The war between incumbents and dApps is starting to play out and might be a major hurdle for adoption. Apple is giving TrustWallet really harsh restrictions on their app:

🤹 Tweet of the Week

🏭Token Valley’s dApp Pick of the Week

Our pick of the Week is DexWallet: The #DeFi Wallet for the Open Financial System. Investing, Exchange, Lending, Insurance for individuals and commerce.

This picture shows the daily report of @dimarconicola earnings with @DexWallet. You can integrate⁩ ⁦@compoundfinance⁩ ⁦@dydxprotocol⁩ ⁦@UniswapExchange⁩ ⁦@MakerDAO⁩ among others.

Perfect way to generate passive income in the DeFi space on Ethereum.

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💰Token Valley News

Our platform is slowly getting traction in the dApp ecosystem. We are about to finish the alpha launch and rolling out the marketing to fully launch the final mobile and desktop website (should be ready within the next days).

We already received various requests from dApps on getting listed on our platform. If you are a dApp and want to get listed please contact us at info@tokenvalley.com (it’s free). We are also offering various sponsorship options. If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact us at info@tokenvalley.com as well.

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