dApp Updates 📰🚀 #9: July 25

Rumors swirl around TRON's Sun

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This is the ninth issue of the Token Valley dApp newsletter aiming to give updates on the latest news on decentralized applications (dApps) across various platforms (EOS, Ethereum, Tron, etc.). Let’s get right to it:

📺 dApp News

  • Rumors galore swirl around TRON’s Justin Sun, who apologizes to ‘regulators’ for over-marketing his upcoming lunch with Warren Buffet (source)

  • Metamask Launches Mobile App Beta to Broaden Appeal of Ethereum DApps (source)

  • Belfrics Group launches first batch of Dapps on Belrium Blockchain (source)

  • Crypto analytics provider Dapp.com secures $500K funding from FBG Capital, Landscape Capital (source)

  • WINk Becomes First dApp, Based on TRON Network to Launch Token on Binance Launchpad (source)

  • DeFi continues to grow as new protocols grab market share (source)

    Also, check out these new educational guides:

  • What is dApp and is it hard to make it? (source)

  • The Ultimate Ethereum Dapp Tutorial (How to Build a Full Stack Decentralized Application Step-By-Step) (source)

  • Accelerating the Growth of DApp Ecosystem with InfinitoPAY (source)

  • Creating Purchase Contract with Ethers.js Using Angular NgRx v8 (source)

🤹 Tweets of the Week

💰 Market Review

TRON was the biggest loser this week, falling from 3 cents to 2.3 cents in 3 days after rumor’s of trouble with Chinese regulators began to circulate. Otherwise, the week’s markets were relatively unremarkable with ETH and EOS roughly following BTC’s movements as per the norm.

Token Valley’s ‘Weekly Spotlight’


InstaDApp bills itself as an “Autonomous Banking Portal on Emerging Blockchain based Financial Protocols”. According to its site, it already holds almost 40 million dollars in collateral, and allows users to lend, borrow, leverage, and swap crypto tokens.

We find this dApp exciting, as it it seems to function as a decentralized bank for decentralized currencies. It’s interface looks great, and as long as the numbers are truthful, InstaDApp has already grown well past the MVP stage.

This one is worth looking out for. If you try this dApp, let us know your experiences!

🏦 Token Valley News

Our twitter was down for 2 days this week, but everything is back to normal!

We are developing an new and improved framework for evaluating dApss, so if you have already submitted your dApp but have received no reply, that is why. Rest assured, your request is in the pipeline and we will be in touch.

Our sponsorship options remain in Beta. Our dApp submission form is live. We will list (almost) any dApp that anyone submits here. Tell your dApp friends!

If you want to be among our first sponsors (or just want your dApp listed for free), email us at info@tokenvalley.com. If you find value in our newsletter & project, please sign up and share/retweet!

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