dApp Updates 📰🚀 #37: April 20th

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kain.eth @kaiynne
So many lessons from this
Lendf.me clusterfuck. 1. Chasing yield without factoring in platform risk is insane. Hopefully this is the nail in the coffin for “no risk" yield chasing.

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Dapp of the weekDeFi Market Cap

DeFiMarketCap Logo

DeFi Market Cap features over 250 DeFi projects, with a combined market cap of over 1.1 billion dollars.

Investment of the week: LINK/ETH

This set will attempt to accumulate ETH by being long LINK when the LINK/ETH ratio looks bullish. This set will experience higher volatility than my ETH/cUSDC set since it will always be exposed to either ETH or the higher-beta LINK.

This set is based on my price action candlestick analysis. During times there are no specific trades setups I will have the set balanced according on my long term bias.

🤖🤣On the lighter side..

DeFi is exciting but we need to address the amount of risk ...