dApp Updates 📰🚀 #17: September 22

'dApp Marketplaces Gaining Attention from Investors'

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This is the 17th issue of the Token Valley dApp newsletter aiming to give updates on the latest news on decentralized applications (dApps) across various platforms (EOS, Ethereum, Tron, etc.). Let’s get right to it:

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This week, it was every blockchain for itself. EOS suffered a downtrend, though it remains in the same range as since July. TRON and EOS rose over the week on their own schedules, while BTC also saw an uptrend. The takeaway here is that the markets are not following BTC or ETH, which seems pretty significant.

✨ Token Valley’s ‘Weekly Spotlight’

TRON Birds are the Crypto Kitties of TRON. You can buy an ‘egg’ for 300 TRX, which hatches and can be bred with others in order to produce rare birds. There is also a system of ‘grades’, and birds can be both rented and sold to other players on an active marketplace which displays shows the fluctuations in prices.

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