dApp & DeFi Updates 📰🚀 #48: October 11th

Regulator Commentary, NFT's, & our new 'Small Cap' Picks

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Since December, we have been featuring a spotlight of the week.

We have backdated these picks into a TOKEN VALLEY DeFi FUND, which you can follow. You can view all holdings on this spreadsheet. Each newsletter, we add a new DeFi token to the mix. This week our portfolio is down almost 4%, showing continuing depression in the market. We suspect that this we are seeing a long-term depression, and do not expect new ATH’s in the market in the short term.

Having doubled the money since the beginning of the paper-trade fund, we have decided to liquidate half of the fund. We will keep following the now-established DeFi benchmark basket fund which is today valued at $10,000, while dedicating the freed-up $10,000 to the ‘outlier fund’. Here, we will make weekly picks of small-cap DeFi type tokens, making small investments into them in hopes of hitting a 100x’er or two. We are removing the ‘leftover’ $966.46 from the fund, setting it aside for what would be management fees and possible taxes in a real-world scenario.

For the Outlier Fund, our first picks are DODO and RARI at $500 each.

If you have suggestions for next week’s picks, DM or Tweet us at @Token_Valley

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