dApp Updates 📰🚀 #8: July 19

Bumpy Ride but Promising News

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This is the eight issue of the Token Valley dApp newsletter aiming to give updates on the latest news on decentralized applications (dApps) across various platforms (EOS, Ethereum, Tron, etc.). Let’s get right to it:

📺 dApp News

  • Reddit Co-Founder Leads $3.75 Million Round for Horizon Games (source)

  • ICON unveils “Fee 2.0” that eliminates transaction fees for dApp users (source)

  • Carbon Enables Credit Card Purchases of TRON-based Digital Currencies (source)

  • Decentralization Taking Shape On a New Platform For Dapps and Services (source)

  • WAX Launches Blockchain Mainnet Purpose-Built for E-Commerce (source)

  • Crypto Wallet’s Browser Offers Thousands of DApps in One Place (source)

  • TRON Huge Increase in Transaction Volume! DApps Over 520 Now! (source)

  • Blockchain Technology Conference: Explore dApps, smart contracts & more (source)

  • Zilliqa Hopes Its New Incubator Will Hatch New dApps (source)

🤹 Tweets of the Week

💰 Market Review

This week has been a bumpy ride in crypto, with ETH, TRON, EOS, and other major blockchain’s tracing BTC’s movements almost exactly. As per the norm, these swings have been more intense on the part of EOS and TRON.

Token Valley’s ‘Weekly Spotlight’

ARK is an open source system available in 12 languages.

“ARK empowers everyone, regardless of their aim or technical background, to quickly and easily leverage blockchain technology. We provide the tools and resources that enable individuals, developers and startups to apply blockchain technology as a foundation for their own projects, applications and ideas.”

ARK recently published an extensive guide on dApp development, which you cah access here.

👨‍💻 Token Valley Posts

Check out our Medium article about EOS hacks:

🏦 Token Valley News

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